Tony J. Selimi’s Book Excellence Awards Review

Tony J. Selimi is a personal development coach, speaker, author, and one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior, emotional and spiritual intelligence. From Fortune 500 companies to celebrities and billionaires, Tony has been called upon as a teacher and leader to empower thousands of people to maximize their potential and live their most inspired life.

Tony’s book #Loneliness – The Virus of The Modern Age received a Book Excellence Award in 2017 in the Body, Mind and Spirit category. The book teaches readers how to speak their truth and breakthrough limiting beliefs to attain emotional, spiritual and financial freedom.


Challenges as an Author

Like many authors, Tony’s main challenge when it came to book marketing was finding a way to stand out from the millions of books already out there.

As a busy professional, he was overwhelmed by the amount of work he needed to be doing to market his book everyday.

“I was pressed for time. I did not have the resources to hire others to help out.”

Tony’s vision was to inspire the lives of millions of people; however, he knew in order to expand his reach and visibility, that he needed to position himself as a credible, authoritative source.

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Winner

Once the Book Excellence Award announcement was made, Tony’s credibility and visibility increased immediately.

“Being acknowledged as a Book Excellence Award Winner was a huge credibility boost. A few thousand Facebook friends responded to my announcement.”

The award also helped increase the awareness of Tony’s book, his visibility, media coverage and book sales. Tony was very happy to be recognized as a winner.

“To be selected as a winner was equally moving and extremely joyful moment. My heart was full of gratitude to be selected from thousands of other excellent authors from around the world and be given this prestigious award.”

The award also opened up new opportunities for Tony, his book and his business. Tony was able to co-create a multi award-winning documentary series called Living My Illusion inspired by his book, #Loneliness.


Tony’s Success

Tony is globally recognized as a transformative speaker, leader and coach with online contributions reaching audiences of over fifty million people. His book has become a #1 bestseller on Amazon with many positive reviews, including ones from New York Times best-selling authors, Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy.

In talking about Tony’s book, Jack Canfield said it was,

“A masterpiece that beautifully demystifies the evolutionary role of loneliness, echoes a powerful existential message for mankind, and amplifies people’s faith in the power of love.”




Tony’s story is truly inspirational. From his challenging upbringing as an abused child, victim of civil war and encounter with homelessness, he was able to transform himself into a best-selling award-winning author.

“I never thought that one day I would become a Book Excellence Award Winning Author whose books and work will give millions of people a new way to reconnect with their truth, wisdom, and Divine within.”

Tony has also been called upon as an expert in television and radio, appearing on over one hundred stations worldwide including: ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX.

Tony has graced the stage as a TEDx speaker and was invited to speak at the UN.



Tony’s Advice

Tony advises authors interested in applying for the Book Excellence Awards:

“The Book Excellence Awards are a must if you are an author who wants to get more visibility, credibility, and publicity for your book and your work. You become an author to enrich and make an impact in your readers lives. Winning this award can bring you a step closer in achieving this.”

Carole P. Roman’s Book Excellence Awards Review

Carole P. Roman is a multiple award-winning, best-selling author of over 50 books. Her work spans multiple genres including children’s fiction, non-fiction and even paranormal romance. Her work enchants educators, parents and a diverse audience of children.

Carole hosts 3 blog radio shows and founded an online magazine called Indie Author’s Monthly. Her latest coloring book, Oh Susannah, received a Book Excellence Award in the coloring book category in 2018.

As a well-rounded author, Carole’s book marketing process is unique and strategic. Having literally written a book about promotion and marketing, Carole knows the importance of marketing with regards to sales.


Challenges as an Author

In a feature in Forbes magazine, Carol said:

“Writing and self-publishing books is a business too. It’s fun, sometimes painful and can be expensive. But ultimately, we are in it to make a profit. While it is an art form, and you may write the most wonderful book in the universe, unless you promote it, it will disappear into the vast pit of choices on the web, never to be read and appreciated.”

As a multiple award-winning author, Carole understands the value of including book awards in her book promotion process.

“Publishing is all about perseverance and persistence…you work to finish your book…and then you have to convince people to buy it. You have to learn to use the tools available to get yourself noticed.”

After seven years in the business, Carole is clear on what drives costs and profits, and among other book marketing programs, the Book Excellence Awards stood out to Carole.

“The Book Excellence Awards is more than your regular book awards, they’re there to help promote and push your book to further heights.”

She chose to apply to the awards for the professionalism of the competition and the impressive talent of the other honorees.

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Winner

When Carole heard that she had won, she was thrilled that her book was being recognized. After winning her Book Excellence Award, she experienced an increase in book sales.

“My book sales increased after the Book Excellence Awards Program took me under their wing.”

The press release was a large contributor to her success as it is distributed to readers, authors, publishers, journalists, librarians, book buyers, schools and literary agents around the world.


Carole’s Success

Ultimately, Carole’s tenacity and commitment to book marketing ensure that all her books are extremely successful.

She has been featured in national publications, including a two-part interview series in Forbes Magazine and Booklife by Publisher’s Weekly.


Her loyal and growing community of readers have shared thousands of five-star reviews across all of her works, and her presence on social media is unparalleled with an active and engaged fan base of thousands of followers.

Carole is also dedicated to supporting indie authors having founded 3 radio shows and a magazine. She also has an active blog presence on Medium and contributes regularly to threads on Goodreads to help with the book publishing and marketing process.


Carole P. Roman illustrated with her beloved characters. Illustration by Bonnie Lemaire.

Her passion is clear and her efforts have paid off – not only for herself but for her family as well. Carole also markets her two sons’ books successfully and as a family, the group sells anywhere from 500 to 1,000 copies of their books each month.

Carole’s Advice

As a clear example of what it takes to successfully conquer the indie book marketing world, Carole reflects on her award experience:

“It’s a true honor to be a Book Excellence Awards winner. It is prestigious and a fine award.”

Pete Canalichio’s Book Excellence Awards Review

Pete Canalichio is a global authority on brand expansion and licensing. He is on a mission to help brands become more alive in the heart of those that experience them. He does this by helping brands write a better story through compelling content, inspiring platform talks, in-depth consulting and workshops, and practical tools.

With over 25 years of experience as a brand expansion and licensing strategist, Pete has spearheaded million-dollar licensing campaigns for some of the world’s most iconic brands including Coca-Cola, Newell Rubbermaid, and most recently, his own company, Licensing Brands. He has executed multiple programs in support of the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, and NASCAR, receiving awards for his work across national and international borders.

Pete’s first book, Expand, Grow, Thrive, received a Book Excellence Award in the marketing category in 2018. With insightful advice from leading brand licensing professionals and household names like Coca-Cola and Disney, the book offers a simple, accessible and effective way for marketers to expand their brand through successful growth programs.


Challenges as an Author

Pete’s experience marketing his book started off as a demanding task.

“Even though I am a marketer by trade, I still face tremendous challenges in getting my book bought and read.”

With a mission to create a platform to help clients expand, grow and thrive through speaking, workshops and consulting, Pete understood how important it was to draw attention to his work.

Pete implemented numerous effective strategies to build awareness and sales for his book. He used traditional media, social media, speaking engagements and reviews to raise awareness. As a next step, Pete felt entering the Book Excellence Awards would help him take his efforts to the next level.

“I especially like that the Book Excellence Awards program was geared towards helping authors gain exposure and credibility which would lead to more sales and critical reviews. Unlike other awards that offer recognition, the Book Excellence Awards helps writers build awareness, followers and ultimately success.”

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Winner

Discovering he had won a Book Excellence Award was an extremely gratifying experience for Pete.

“I was elated. Receiving a Book Excellence Award instantaneously gave me exposure and credibility I would not have received otherwise.”

The Book Excellence Award helped Pete accelerate his exposure and gain the critical acclaim he was looking for:

“I posted my award on LinkedIn and received over 10,000 views and 100 likes from people all over the world. This was truly humbling.”


Pete’s Success

Pete’s success as an author and branding and licensing expert is no small feat. His award-winning book and experience working for global brands have helped him grow his business and gain recognition as a world-leading expert on branding and licensing.

Pete is regularly invited as a keynote speaker at branding and licensing conferences and leading business schools globally in cities including Hong Kong, Mumbai, Zagreb, Las Vegas, Toronto, Vancouver and soon in Helsinki.

His TEDx talk on using visualization to achieve your dreams has been viewed over 32,000 times.


Pete is also a guest writer for national media publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur and has been featured in numerous other trade magazines and business radio stations.

Pete was selected by a major Fortune 100 client specifically because of his book, with many other companies listing his book as a driving reason for their consideration.

Pete has seen a steady increase in sales achieving a #1 New Release on Amazon with 100% five-star reviews saying his book shares:

“Ground-breaking material,”

and should be considered the

“Bible for the licensing business.”




Pete’s Advice

To authors thinking of applying to the Book Excellence Awards, Pete says:

“As a brand strategist, I would tell other authors that the Book Excellence Awards is much more than a sticker signifying accomplishment in a literary category. The Book Excellence Awards is a community dedicated to helping authors tell their stories, achieve their goals and better the world through the reading and application of their writing.”

Alexa Bigwarfe’s Book Excellence Awards Review

Alexa Bigwarfe is an accomplished author, publisher, and speaker who has made a significant contribution to the writing and publishing industry. She is the CEO and founder of, a one stop shop for author and publishing services, and Kat Biggie Press, a publisher that focuses on books that inspire, empower and make a difference in the world.

As an innovative leader and author coach, Alexa has taken her own knowledge and experience in the publishing industry to help support others with their journey. In just 5 years, Alexa has been able to publish several of her own books as well as those of her clients. She has made it her mission to coach writers on how to grow their business by writing and publishing books.

“My favorite part of my job is helping women plan out their book and publishing timeline and then doing all the things that I can to remove the overwhelm from the writing and publishing process.

This is one of the reasons her latest book, Ditch the Fear, and Just Write It, is so popular. Her book received a Book Excellence Award in 2018 in the writing and publishing category.

It was designed to help female entrepreneurs navigate the writing and publishing world through in depth case studies and a 90 day guided journal to help keep readers focused.

Challenges as an Author

As a successful publisher, Alexa understands that the publishing process can be complex and that marketing a book requires planning ahead of time.

“Start somewhere. practice your writing and hone your craft. Don’t wait for perfection and start building your author platform as soon as you even think about writing a book.”

As part of building an author platform, Alexa understood the value of including book awards in her book promotion process.

“Book awards can be such a great way to get more eyes on the book.”

It was her first-time submitting books to the Book Excellence Awards. She decided to enter the awards program because of the additional marketing support and resources provided to winners.

“The Book Excellence Awards actually does provide quite a bit of marketing for the winners.”

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Winner

Upon learning that she had won a Book Excellence Award, Alexa was delighted to see that her book had been recognized.

“I was thrilled! This was the first book of mine that I had the confidence to actually submit for an award and I felt completely validated in the quality of my book when it won the award.”

The award helped Alexa’s book stand out and she experienced an increase in book sales and readership.

“The recognition that the award has given me is now leading people to actually purchase the book, which is wonderful! I’ve been grateful for the additional showing to their expansive audience.”


Alexa’s Success

Alexa’s success as an author, coach and speaker is a strong testament to her commitment to book publishing and her drive to help others succeed.

Alexa has become an Amazon best-selling author with her book receiving widespread acclaim and positive reviews. Her passion and care to help other authors achieve success in their publishing journey is evident through the many five star reviews she received for her book “Ditch the Fear, and Just Write It!”

“Alexa has laid it all out and made it doable. The layout makes it all work…thanks!”


“A must read…a beautiful combination of tips and strategies that encourage you to shift your mindset, claim your power as a writer and dig down deep to find the courage to move forward and share your words.”


As a strong advocate for using books as a tool for business growth, Alexa created new opportunities for her business. Alexa pioneered the first all female online publishing summit, the Women in Publishing Summit, which featured some of the best in the industry including large publishers, New York Times’ best-selling authors and more.




Alexa also lends her expertise to podcasts, webinars and has been invited to speak at industry renowned conferences such as the Self-Publishing Advice Conference and Digital Book World. Alexa also frequently shares her knowledge with members of the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Among her many other commitments in the publishing community, Alexa also finds time in her busy schedule to give back. She is the co-founder of Lose the Cape, a resource specifically for busy moms to empower them with tips and tricks to make their lives easier. Through her knowledge of marketing and promotion, the Lose the Cape podcast continues to receive thousands of downloads each month.

Alexa’s Advice

As a highly sought after writing and publishing coach, Alexa provides advice to other authors who may be interested in entering the Book Excellence Awards:

“Go for it. You lose nothing by trying and just imagine if you win!”

Minter Dial’s Book Excellence Awards Review

Minter Dial is a masterful storyteller, professional speaker and the award-winning author of two books. He specializes in branding, new tech and digital transformation as the founder and brainchild of two forward-thinking companies: The Myndset Company and Digitalproof Consultancy Ltd. As an extraordinarily talented executive, Minter works with major global brands such as Samsung, Remy Cointreau, Kering and Tencent, to help activate their brand strategies, integrate new technologies and be a catalyst for change.

Minter is also known for his unique ability to craft stories across a host of different media. In 2016, Minter wrote and produced the book and documentary film, The Last Ring Home. The book was named a Book Excellence Award Winner in 2018 in the Biography category. It’s the miraculous story of how Minter uncovered the truth behind his namesake, his grandfather, and returns our focus to the important values of love, courage and honor. Combining over 25 years of research with more than one hundred interviews of experts, survivors, and descendants of the Greatest Generation, the book tells the powerful story of American prisoners of war in the Pacific.


Challenges as an Author

Minter took a non-traditional route to publishing his first book. Prior to releasing the book, Minter produced the story as a short documentary film.

“The initial purpose of the book was to accompany the short documentary film.”

Minter’s goal for the book was to provide a fuller version of the story and explain key elements not covered in the film.

“The publication of the book brought another dimension and level of credibility to the story. It was…interesting to explore how each media changed the way the story was told.”

With many target markets for the book (in North America, Europe and Asia), Minter found it a challenge to find a way to connect with each audience, both locally and internationally.

“One of the major challenges was figuring out how to market the book to the world.”

His goal was to gain exposure through TV, influential and specialized channels, social media and local events.

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Winner

When Minter found out he was named a Book Excellence Award Winner, he was elated.

“I was traveling overseas when I received word. It was cause for immediate celebration.”

Minter appreciated the advice and information he received as a part of the prize package to help him leverage and improve book sales.

“It’s a difficult business selling books, but the package that the Book Excellence Awards provides is robust.”

The prize package includes information related to book marketing, sales, publicity, social media, monetization strategies and more. It is designed to help authors succeed in all markets – be it locally, or around the world.


Minter’s Success

Minter’s successful career can be directly attributed to the passion and talent he has for his work.

As an author, Minter’s writing has been profoundly impactful on his readers and fans. The Last Ring Home received high praise and wide recognition for its gripping, beautiful and insightful message. Reviewers of the book shared:

“Minter Dial has a gift for writing that is demonstrated in the depth and richness of detail he weaves together in this book.”


“This book is one of the top 3 history books I ever read.”

The book has also topped best-seller lists, skyrocketing to #1 on Amazon France in 3 categories and been in the top 30,000 all-time sellers on

The documentary film he produced linked to the book was featured on PBS and the History Channel and has won ten prizes, including Best Foreign Film at the Charleston International Film Festival.


Throughout his career as an author, Minter has been featured in television, radio, podcasts and blogs with audiences of hundreds of thousands of people. Some of these include: INC, Sophisticated Marketer, the Artist First Radio Network, Alumnet, The Launch Podcast with Charlie Birney and more.



Minter’s dynamic presence as a speaker has also enabled him to share his message with international audiences at conferences such as South by Southwest (SXSW) and the Adobe Summit as well as with companies and universities including L’Oreal, Hachette, Grant Thorton, the Lyon Business School, McGill University and more.

Minter’s Advice

For authors interested in learning more about the Book Excellence Awards program, Minter shares his experience:

“The Book Excellence Awards absolutely helped continue the momentum of the book that was initially published in November 2016. Winning the Biography award provided a credible stamp of approval and has been useful to help supplement marketing materials.”

Jennifer Irwin’s Book Excellence Awards Review

Jennifer Irwin is a captivating storyteller and powerful advocate for women empowerment. Her debut novel, A Dress the Color of the Sky, aligns with the #MeToo movement and released to rave reviews. Jennifer has thoughtfully dedicated the novel to all women chasing a dream.

Jennifer’s book received a Book Excellence Award in 2018 in the Contemporary Fiction category. The book details the main character’s struggle with addiction and abuse and incorporates strong themes of courage, love and hope. Jennifer’s powerful use of imagery and emotional storytelling hooks readers immediately. Her book has now been optioned for a major film.


Challenges as an Author

Jennifer’s journey in book marketing started off as a challenge.

“All of the book marketing falls on the author’s shoulders. It is frustrating because I can only touch the surface of penetrating the reader market.”

Like many authors, Jennifer struggled with using her time to market her first book or focus it on writing the sequel.

Jennifer’s story is not unique. Many authors face this difficult balancing act and receive little help or support in their book marketing process.

However, Jennifer was determined to breakthrough and ensure her novel was a success. Spending years writing the book, Jennifer wanted to become a bestselling author so that more readers could benefit from the book’s emotional yet inspirational theme.

Jennifer chose to apply to the Book Excellence Awards to expand her reach and visibility.

“The Book Excellence Awards is highly regarded by influencers in the industry like big publishers, producers, and Publisher’s Weekly. I submitted to the award contest because I felt a win would give my book far greater visibility than I would be able to accomplish on my own.”

The awards are designed to help authors navigate the book marketing world in a simpler, easier fashion, instead of authors doing everything themselves.

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Winner

Upon learning of her award win, Jennifer was elated.

“I was thrilled and honored to receive such a prestigious book award for my debut novel.”

The award helped Jennifer’s book stand out among readers and bolster sales.

“I have already seen an increase in my book sales since announcing the win.”



Jennifer’s Success

Jennifer’s success with her first book is clear and a true inspiration to other authors looking to share their message and make a difference in people’s lives.

Jennifer embarked on a nationwide promotional book tour that included a book signing at Barnes & Noble, visits to independent bookstores and book festivals.

Jennifer was also invited as a guest author to a host of book clubs where readers shared deep, meaningful discussions about how the characters in her novel touched their lives.


Positive reviews continue to pour in for Jennifer with a loyal and engaged fan base of readers calling her book:

“A masterpiece novel of addiction and redemption. 5 stars all the way. Beautifully written and emotionally charged, Jennifer Irwin hit this one out of the park!”



The book has now achieved best-seller status hitting #1 in 3 categories on Amazon in one day! It is also under option to be made into a feature film.

In addition to her other accomplishments, Jennifer has also appeared in major media publications and in interviews on television, radio and in podcasts. Some of which include the ABC morning show Talk of Alabama, the LA Talk Radio Show, Dr. Debra & Therapist Kellie, and the Kat Kanavos show.

Jennifer’s Advice

Jennifer’s advice to other authors who may be interested in entering the Book Excellence Awards:

“Any author who is considering submitting their book to an award contest should put the Book Excellence Award at the top of their list.”

A.M. Madden and Joanne Schwehm’s Book Excellence Awards Review

USA Today best-selling author A.M. Madden and Joanne Schwehm are experienced authors with a combined collection of over 25 books. They are both self proclaimed hopeless romantics with a mission to create characters that readers can relate to and connect with. Their hope is for their books to bring joy and happiness to readers who enjoy modern day fairy tales and breathless moments.

With years of experience writing and publishing romance novels on their own, their book, FINDING MR. WRONG, was A.M. and Joanne’s first foray in collaborating on a book together. The book received a Book Excellence Award in 2018 in the romance category. It follows the captivating romance between Jude and Brae, as they embark on a unique social experiment that changes their lives forever. A must read for contemporary romance fans, A.M. and Joanne deliver an unforgettable story that leaves readers wanting more.


Challenges as Authors

A.M. and Joanne dedicated an immense amount of time and effort to ensure their book would hook readers immediately. However, they found it difficult to capture the attention of new readers. As many authors were using similar marketing strategies to get the word out about their books, A.M. and Joanne were looking for a new way to differentiate their book from the rest.

“Our challenge was trying to stand out among all the other authors who utilize social media and have a large reader base and following.”

Their goal was to increase their visibility so more readers would become aware of and read their book. A.M. and Joanne wanted to provide readers with stories they could get lost in and personally connect with.

Becoming Book Excellence Award Finalists

When A.M. and Joanne learned they had received a Book Excellence Award, they were delighted.

“We were very excited and honored.”

The award helped them increase sales and differentiate their book in the eyes of readers and fans.

“We had the emblem added to our book cover and readers at book signings were drawn to it once we told them it was an award winner.”


A.M. and Joanne’s Success

With the successful release of their book, it’s clear that A.M. and Joanne’s partnership was a match made in contemporary romance heaven.

Their book has been reviewed by both New York Times’ and USA Today best-selling authors, with hundreds of five-star reviews continuing to pour in.

A glowing review writes:

“The pacing was perfect and kept me hooked the whole time. It was fun and unique and an all-together satisfying read. Finding Mr. Wrong was a breath of unique fresh air.”

Another review writes:

“From the very first scene to the last, I was hooked and couldn’t get enough. One of my favorite books ever!! An absolute must read!”

In addition to being an Amazon best-seller, the book also made #3 on Buzzfeed’s HOT LIST for the 31 Romance Books you must read in 2017.


The authors travel across the country to participate in multiple book signing events throughout the year. They also maintain a strong connection to readers on social media and have active and engaged fan-bases of thousands of followers.





A.M. and Joanne’s Advice

A.M. and Joanne tell authors thinking about applying to the Book Excellence Awards to:

“Do it.”

John Wessinger’s Book Excellence Awards Review

John Wessinger is the founder of Lateralus Solutions, a sales and marketing firm focused on helping organizations and business leaders embrace change and explore strategic risk. He has worked for global organizations supporting the sales and marketing of billion-dollar brands.

John is also the award-winning author of Ride the Wave. Within a couple of months of publishing his book, he received a Book Excellence Award in the sales and marketing category.

When he wrote, Ride the Wave, his goal was to write a high quality book. A book that would be highly respected by readers and leave them with practical and actionable advice they could use in their personal and professional lives.

“I want readers of RIDE THE WAVE to feel inspired about their personal and professional lives, but also see new challenges and obstacles as a way to change who they are and what they do.”


Challenges as an Author

As John was running his own business and this was his first book, one of the biggest challenges he faced in marketing was that he had limited time and resources.

He wanted to focus on marketing efforts that would yield the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort.

“There are an unlimited number of options available, but not all have the impact needed to bring attention to your book.”

He wanted his first book, Ride the Wave, to build a foundation for any books that he would write in the future and hoped that by publishing his book, he would increase his visibility and credibility.

It became increasingly clear that book contests would accomplish his goals and were a great way to drive awareness and credibility for his book in a short amount of time.

“The Book Excellence Awards stood out from other contests…it had a lot of variety in terms of categories and included one specific to the type of book I had written.”

As a sales and marketing consultant, he wanted to be recognized in the sales and marketing category so his clients would recognize him as an authority in the field.

“It instantly signaled to readers what my book was about and who my book was for…The Book Excellence Awards has really helped me to effectively market my book to prospective readers.”

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Winner

When John first heard that he had won a Book Excellence Award he was ecstatic! He used his Book Excellence Award as a launchpad to kick start the marketing process for his book.

“The contest win gave me something additional to say about my book and really position RIDE THE WAVE as a quality book that was selected by a known and respected contest platform.”


John’s Success

John’s success in marketing his book can be seen by his multiple media appearances on TV and in podcasts. He has been invited as a guest on national radio shows that have over 3.5 million listeners per month and feature some of the most successful entrepreneurs, authors and speakers including Brian Tracy and Simon Sinek.


John has also shared his wisdom through workshops, executive retreats, and keynote speeches and has been featured in high profile blog articles that have been shared hundreds of times.

His book has been highly recommended by readers and well-established book review publications who call it:

“Enjoyable,” and “Engaging.”


With a plan to do a 2nd edition of the book, he welcomes readers to share how they used the book to “ride the wave” in their personal or professional lives.

John’s Advice

John’s advice for other authors and publishers considering entering the Book Excellence Awards:

“I would highly recommend that anyone interested in marketing their book in a credible way, consider entering the Book Excellence Awards…it is a great way to get exposure for your book in a way that gets attention and builds authority.”

Linda Williams’ Book Excellence Awards Review

Linda F. Williams is a Certified Executive Life Coach and relationship expert. She is the founder of Whose Apple Dynamic Coaching and Consulting, a practice that empowers leaders to turn their pain into power so they can discover their destiny and achieve the happiness they deserve.

As a dynamic change agent, Linda has overcome enormous personal barriers to become a nationally recognized motivational speaker and expert whose impact falls nothing short of powerful, engaging and transformative.

Linda’s book, Whose Apple is it, Anyway: Empowering Purpose to Achieve Your God-Ordained Destiny, received a Book Excellence Award in 2017 in the Body, Mind, Spirit category. The book teaches readers how to rewire their thoughts to reduce stress, improve relationships and easily achieve their goals.


Challenges as an Author

Linda’s journey in publishing her first book began as an uphill battle.

“It took seven blood, sweat, and tear-stained years to complete the book and another year or so to complete two professional edits. So, it was a 9-year journey that ended with self-publishing.”

After releasing her book, she found it difficult to gain traction and support. As an independent author with no prior publishing experience, she learned the dream would not happen overnight.

“I wasted so much money on a barrage of marketing offers that resulted in no return on investment.”

Marketing and publicity programs can cost thousands of dollars and can be difficult to justify when a return on investment can’t be clearly seen. Finding readers and standing out among the millions of books on the shelf became a clear barrier.

“Readers had no clue the book existed or why they should even care.”

It was important for Linda to reach the masses so she could impact as many people as she could with her life-changing, inspirational story. She wanted to become a best-seller and position herself as a respected, credible professional.

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Finalist

Learning about her Book Excellence Award win was an exhilarating experience for Linda.

“My jaw dropped as I tried to reign in my excitement long enough to read and re-read the message. I thought I must have been mistaken. It was an honor to win. I couldn’t believe it!”

The award gave Linda instant credibility as an author and the well-deserved recognition for all of her hard work.

“I could participate alongside the best in the business.”


Linda’s Success

Linda has been featured in major media publications including NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX news outlets. She has contributed to articles and been profiled in major business and lifestyle publications including: CNNMoney, Madame Noire, Glamour Magazine, Main Street, American Express Open Forum, and Brides.

Her book became a #1 Amazon best-seller with readers calling it entertaining, informative and life-changing.


Linda is a genuine example of someone who lives and breathes her message. From a traumatic past as a survivor of domestic violence, rape and homelessness, Linda has proven that with courage and healing, nothing is impossible.


Her motivational speeches and coaching practice have been heralded by podcast host in the UK, David Ralph as:

“Powerful for the rest of time.”

In addition, as a testament to Linda’s entrepreneurial excellence, she was named one of the 99 Limit Breaking Female Founders of 2018 in the Huffington Post.

Linda’s Advice

For authors who may be interested in entering the Book Excellence Awards, Linda strongly recommends the program:

“Just do it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

Doug Noll’s Book Excellence Awards Review

Doug Noll is an award-winning lawyer turned peacemaker, mediator, trainer and author. With over 40 years of professional experience, Doug has dedicated his life to understanding the emotional and biological origins of human conflict. Doug’s specialty is teaching people how to calm an angry person and develop a deep connection in 90 seconds, a unique skill that has captured the attention of a wide range of clients including Fortune 500 executives and maximum-security prisons.

Doug’s book, De-Escalate: How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less, published by an imprint of Simon & Schuster, received a Book Excellence Award in 2017 in the Leadership category. The book offers a new set of social listening and communication skills to help anyone transform an emotionally volatile situation into a calm, non-aggressive one. Using the latest findings in neuroscience and behavioral economics, the book shares practical tips on how to cultivate healthier relationships and participate in creating a more caring, compassionate future for all.


Challenges as an Author

After realizing that many of his ideas were not in print, Doug wrote his book to serve an unmet need. His objective was to write a simple, easy-to-read explanation of de-escalation techniques and strategies with a summary explanation of the science behind them.

Upon releasing his book, Doug encountered a challenge most authors face – a decision on where to spend his time, be it on writing or marketing. Doug recognized that for his book to be successful, he would have to spend most of his time on marketing.

“98% of your effort will be in marketing and promotion, not the actual creative process.”

To ensure his book was seen as credible and targeted the right audiences, Doug worked with industry professionals to develop a strategic marketing plan. Part of the plan included book awards.

“My agent recommended the Book Excellence Awards and I followed her advice.”

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Winner

Hearing that his book had been named a Book Excellence Award winner, Doug was thrilled.

“I was quite pleased. My agent was ecstatic.”

A book award can add a lot of value in helping build an author’s career. Doug understood the value of his achievement in helping showcase the merits of his work.

“Recognition for a new book…provides a form of social proof that readers look for before making a purchase decision.”


Doug’s Success

Doug’s powerful approach to diffusing conflict and passion for helping others is a key reason he has had such immense success as an author, mediator, speaker and trainer.

His book’s transformative and easy-to-follow principles have led to rave reviews from readers including:

“This book exceeds every expectation I had for it…Should be in every school and home!”


“Excellent book and very practical and immediately usable points. Well written and I highly recommend it ~ whether your angry person is a co-worker, boss or teenage child!”

Doug has been featured in major media including an interview with The Fresh Outlook, The Jenny McCarthy Show and The Kat James Show on Sirius XM radio, iHeart Communities on iHeartRadio, That Business Show on iTunes, CBS Radio and more. He has also hosted his own weekly radio show, The Doug Noll Show, as a way to give a voice to international peacemakers.


Doug is a sought-after keynote speaker with regular invitations to national conferences, international training sessions and workshops. Doug teaches diverse audiences across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America, about listening, emotional intelligence, violence-reduction, and relationship building.

In their roles as professional mediator trainers, Doug and his colleague Laurel Kaufer co-founded the Prison of Peace Project, a non-profit organization, designed to reduce violence and promote peaceful conflict resolution among prison inmates. The organization has been launched in 9 California prisons, the McDougal-Walker State Prison in Connecticut, and with a Greek colleague, 4 prisons in Greece. It has engaged over 25,000 inmates and trained 1,100 inmates in the peacemaking and conflict resolution process. For his impact, he was named a Purpose Prize fellow, an award given to social innovators who are dedicated to finding solutions to challenging social problems.

He also piloted an initiative called the Safe Schools and Learning Environments Project to help teachers teach kids how to manage their emotions and feelings, develop empathy, and learn deep listening skills. The project is now expanding nationwide in an effort to reduce school violence and bullying.

Doug’s Advice

For authors interested in entering the Book Excellence Awards, Doug shares his advice:

“This is a credible, powerful means of letting people know that your book is, in short, excellent.”